About The Giving Machine™

TheGivingMachine™ is the only charity helping shoppers generate free cash donations for a variety of charitable and social organisations including schools and charities, every time they shop online.

Originally set up in 2006 as a social enterprise, TheGivingMachine™ was awarded The Social Enterprise Mark in 2011 to date and became a charity in 2014. Its members support thousands of schools, charities and charitable organisations across the UK.

As a charity guided by a social purpose, TheGivingMachine™ converts the majority of each commission generated possible from online shoppers’ favourite retailers into a free donation. This money is then forwarded to the charitable and social organisations chosen by the shopper.

The concept was set up by four Hertfordshire Dads, who met up in the spring of 2006 and agreed to use their different business skills to benefit charities and schools rather than profits for shareholders. The idea for TheGivingMachine™ was born.

Founder and managing director Richard Morris is the author of Givenomics, (givenomics.com) and a contributor to The Guardian’s week-long 50 voices project, where they asked 50 people to share what social enterprise means to them.

For further information on TheGivingMachine™ please visit www.TheGivingMachine.co.uk.