Shown here are the Award Winners in the various categories. All photos courtesy of Gerald Crook

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Best Stat Engine 1a 800x600

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Best Car Pre-1965

Philip Chinnery

1965 Riley 4/78

Best Car Post-1965

Barry Wilson

1969 Aston Martin

Best Motorcycle Pre-1965

Robert Burge

1954 Victoria Burgmeister

Best Motorcycle Post-1965

James Weedon

1969 Triumph ‘Tiger 100’

Best Motor Scooter

Stephen Robertson

1957 Lamborghini ‘45’

Best CBCCC Member’s Car

Nick Lloyd

1935 Riley Lynx

Best Miniature Steam

Buzz Hope Inglis

2007 Burrell 4” Single

Best Full Size Steam

Joseph Mitchell

1899 Burrell SCC Loco

Best Stationary Engine

Steven Loader

1912 Amaco Hireman

Best Commercial Vehicle

David Aylmore

1937 Austin 7 Milk delivery cart

Best Military Vehicle

Simon Batstone

1942 Willys S1 Jeep

Best Tractor

Andrew Hearn

1946 Field Marshall

Best Modern Classic

Lauren Moss

1995 Volkswagen Corrado

Best Club Stand

North Devon Sports Car Club


Best Ensemble

“Disco Dave Arnold”

1965 VW ‘Splittie’ Campervan

Best Rootes Group

Jason Piccar

1965 Commer TS3 Lorry

Best BMC Group

Nigel Moggridge

1966 BMC Vanden Plas  4 litre R’

Best in Show

Daniel Shears

1938 Leyland ‘Tiger’ Single Deck Bus