As ever we were delighted to have over 75 Car & Motorcycle Clubs at the Show. A selection shown here.

However a few of the photos are a tad out of focus or have an 'interesting' lens effect. This was due to me forgetting to clean the camera lens.....sorry!

DSCF2342-800x600.JPG DSCF2343-800x600.JPG DSCF2412-800x600.JPG DSCF2413-800x600.JPG DSCF2414-800x600.JPG DSCF2415-800x600.JPG DSCF2416-800x600.JPG DSCF2417-800x600.JPG DSCF2418-800x600.JPG DSCF2419-800x600.JPG DSCF2420-800x600.JPG DSCF2421-800x600.JPG DSCF2422-800x600.JPG DSCF2423-800x600.JPG DSCF2424-800x600.JPG DSCF2435-800x600.JPG DSCF2436-800x600.JPG DSCF2437-800x600.JPG DSCF2438-800x600.JPG DSC_0080-1-800x600.jpg