Health and Safety points for Trade Stalls / Exhibitors / Campers

The Crash Box Club appreciates you supporting this event, as will this year’s nominated charities. Thank you for attending.

May we point out to you some of the Health and Safety precautions that, for the safety of all, you need to be aware of. This includes not only our own helpers but also contractors, exhibitors and members of the public. Trade stalls are considered to be a work place in legal terms. It is important that you read them.

Event Control Phone Number 07837 617285

Emergency Phone Number 07881 583456

This is a general list and is not exhaustive.

Electrical supplies, must comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

Generators, precautions must include secure segregation and guarding, overload precautions and fire prevention. Only competent persons will refuel and operate generators. Trailing leads will be kept to a minimum, guarded and not create trip hazards.

Manual handling, do not risk injury by lifting heavy and awkward loads. Seek assistance. Stalls and exhibits will be set up before visitors arrive and dismantled after visitors leave.

Injury, inform a marshal or security staff or Event Control of any injury. Be aware of where the first aid post is situated.

Worthiness, all motorised and steam vehicles must have up to date documents of worthiness and cylinder/boiler/mechanical safety.

Slips, trips and falls, be constantly alert for any such hazard. If found make safe or report to Event Control.

Fires, open fires are not allowed on the campsite and naked flames inside tents are not allowed. Barbecues must only be lit in purpose-built equipment and clear of the ground. Ashes must be disposed of in a safe manner.

Hot waste ash, must be placed in secure non flammable containers.

Fireworks and Chinese lanterns are strictly forbidden

Highly flammable substances, I.E. Petrol, Paraffin etc., are to be stored in suitably labelled sealed containers.

Tents, Motorhomes and Caravans should be spaced at least 3 metres apart.

Tents, Awnings and Gazebos must be securely anchored to the ground

Trees, do not pitch your tent below trees. In high winds branches can fall.

All vehicles are limited to a speed of 5mph and cannot be moved after 10.30am and before 4.30pm without the assistance of a marshal.

Large vehicles, will be assisted by marshals when reversing and instruct drivers not to use avenues of stallholders and surrounding areas. All vehicles are limited to 5mph.

Steam Engines can only use the nominated routes between the arena and the steam exhibit area.

Smoking, is not allowed in enclosed spaces and near flammable materials

Waste material is a fire risk and should be kept to a minimum. Report excess to Event Control.

Fire extinguishers, note where they are located. Make sure, that if used, the fire extinguisher is the right type depending on the fire. Only attempt to extinguish a fire if it is safe to do so.

Testing, ensure that all equipment such as fire extinguishers and portable electrical appliances are inspected and tested.

For your assistance there will be a CBCCC Health & Safety Representative on site throughout the show weekend. Contact being at Event Control.

Updated 24/10/2017