Despite the fact that large numbers of Club Members were helping to run the event a few managed to drag themselves away from those duties to show off their classic cars in the Main arena on Sunday morning. A selection shown here which again proves the remarkable variety of cars in the ownership of members. We are most definately not a 'one make club'!

cbccc-01.JPG cbccc-03.JPG cbccc-04.JPG cbccc-05.JPG cbccc-06.JPG cbccc-07.JPG cbccc-08.JPG cbccc-09.JPG cbccc-10.JPG cbccc-11.JPG cbccc-12.JPG cbccc-13.JPG cbccc-14.JPG cbccc-15.JPG cbccc-16.JPG cbccc-17.JPG cbccc-18.JPG