Term & Conditions of Entry

Conditions of Entry to the Rally

  1. The Owners and Drivers of the exhibit or entry must be covered by a current Third-Party Insurance Policy, including Exhibitor use; a copy of which MUST be made available for inspection by a club official if requested.
  2. Owners must ensure drivers are fully competent and have a valid and appropriate licence and be qualified to drive or handle the exhibit or entry.
  3. NO exhibit or entry may be left running unattended. Unattended vehicles MUST be left securely ‘braked and immobilized’ (ignition keys must be removed). All Working exhibits must be in a safe working condition.
  4. Stall holders and Exhibitors vehicles/trailers may be parked on the Rally site for loading and unloading purposes only, before 10am and after 6pm each day unless they are parked on a pitch or space that has been booked or allocated.
  5. Please note that, for Health & Safety reasons, you may NOT move your exhibiting vehicle or exit your designated area prior to 4.30 on either day of the Rally. In exceptional circumstances a vehicle may be moved if under the control of a Marshal, this can be arranged from the Control desk. At least half an hour will be required to organise this.
  6. A MAXIMUM speed of 5 MPH shall apply to all moving vehicles on the site or any part of the Powderham Estate. Any exhibitor found to be exceeding the speed limit will be asked to leave.
  7. All owners and drivers must obey Marshals’ instructions and not inconvenience or endanger any persons or animals on the site or on any part of the Powderham Estate.
  8. Owners are responsible for their own personal effects; the Rally organisers take no responsibility for loss or damage.
  9. All Trade Stands, Auto-Jumble, Craft and other Stalls or Stands, must be covered by Public Liability Insurance, a copy of which MUST be made available to Authorised Club Officials if requested. ALL Steam exhibitors MUST also have available the appropriate certificates for their exhibits.
  10. All vehicles registered AFTER 1995 are only eligible at the Rally Chairman’s discretion. (Car Clubs & Modern Classic entries are exempt from this stipulation).
  11. Entry fees are non-refundable.
  12. No discounts or refunds will be given due to adverse weather conditions which result in the show being abandoned.
  13. All participants shall adhere to CBCCC Health & Safety Guidelines.
  14. Data Protection. Your name, address, telephone number, email and car details are being collected by and on behalf of the CBCCC Ltd. This will be used for the event management and entry list. It will be securely stored and not used for any other purpose or shared with other organisations, you have the right to withdraw your consent to use your data.

Indemnity Details

I agree to fully indemnify The Crash Box & Classic Car Club of Devon Ltd and its agents for any damage or liability arising from any breach of the Conditions of Entry in relation to any entry or exhibits entered by me and confirm I have read and accept the Disclaimer of Liability (see below) and agree to abide by the above Conditions of Entry.

The Disclaimer of Liability

The Crash Box & Classic Car Club of Devon Ltd accepts no responsibility for any damage to/or loss of vehicles/traders’ entries or personal effects or loss of income incurred by stall holders, exhibitors or their guests or employees as result of attendance or proposed attendance at the rally.

CBCCC Fire & Emergency Plan

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CBCCC Fire Risk Assessment

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